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We have entered an age of gratuitous production. Every second there is something new being produced or designed. Taiwan is also in a transitional period where change and innovation are in demand. Design has begun to pervade our lives via everyday products, furniture, fashion and other areas. Even so, we intuitively gravitate to products we are familiar with in our shopping, as if without them something wouldn't be right. This is one of the manifestations of the LONG LIFE concept.

As the name implies, LONG LIFE refers to things with longevity of existence. Different people, regions, environments will all have different LONG LIFEs. A broader definition would not be limited to objects, but also behaviors and policy decisions. The longevity of something is crucially determined by its usefulness. Regardless of quality, things that have been created out of fashion can be easily discarded. As such, LONG LIFE is the sum of a region's culture. Through it we can observe the evolution of life in that area. By keeping in mind the importance of a thing's "longevity of existence, and contribution to the future of society", we can construct a LONG LIFE way of living, optimize our lives, and collectively create a new culture of living.



Japan is a very successful “Long Life Design” country. For example: D- BROS

One piece of the plastic bags to create a flower case. This idea from shampoo refill packages. Designers add more colorful techniqle drawing on vision design. D-BROS’ products could be for long term use, recycling and sustainability.

In Taiwan, the local brand “TZULAI”. The traditional square net handles only one piece for hanging up some stuff (like some stuff which you buy from the supermarket and using a plastic bag.) Almost every Taiwanese family at least has one in the house. Designers are creating  their imagination to build up a new net handle. Using different materials etc. combine all of the pieces of net together and make a box or what kind of the type you like.

One of the most popular items foreigners love the “TZULAI” chopsticks cage. Compare with the traditional chopsticks cage, The “TZULAI” Chopsticks cage can make chopsticks and water separated that make air dry easily and sanitary. Moreover, “TZULAI” design a new cutlery cage for spoons and forks.

Designers think of a new item and how to create it. On the other hand they still keep the traditional design. This could be a “Long Life Design” inspiration.

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