【Wow! Design】One 3 |Bamboo Scale Ruler+Pen

  In the Taiwan design community, which company uses bamboo to make pen, pencil equipment etc.,  Also TA+d bamboo products won Golden Pin Award every single time.

  In this year 2021, CREATIVE EXPO TAIWAN Aware included TA+d “ONE 3” craftsman fountain pen and ballpoint pen both these won.

 This time no just only has a bamboo element, they design the magnetic system on the pen base. The pen can lock into the base completely.

 Speciality, triangle base has hummed the numble (CM and Inch) on the base that you can measure.


Moveover, the end of the base has one correct rub that you can rub out what you draw.

 A little cute thing included the spirit - level on the base.  If you were a graphic designer or product designer etc., this cannot lack of this equipment.

 Three different colors; Green, Silver and Black. Both of them has pencil(職人款 included 2.0mm ink.) and ballpen(匠心款, can match PILOT-BLS-FR5-L(blue 藍)、SCHMIDT 5888F、SCHMIDT easy FLOW 9000M)

Take for the foreigner what kind of image about Taiwan.Pineapple, bubble tea, one of the things is bamboo. Taiwan has vast farmland to farm bamboo. You may find out every TA+d Product which has the past of the bamboo on these products. All of TA+d design products can represent Taiwan and Taiwanese spirit.

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